An essay on sir syed ahmed khan

Conclusion Education serves as the backbone for the development of nations. I cannot close my eyes to the belief that the Muslim race is fundamentally hostile to us.

Sir Syed opposed this because he knew that the educational standards of the Hindus was much better than the Muslims.

Students should be offered more scholarships and government should support the intelligent and outstanding students to prosper, develop and serve their local community rather than migrating to the big cities. The Hindus for example, had decided that they should work with the British. His parents noted in an interview that at an young age, he organized a student protest in his school for the removal of an inept principal.

Rather the turnover is a mismatch with the ground realities, the half backed persons we are producing are of no use to us.

Punjab University Lahore Admission 2018 Last Date and Fee Structure

Educational System in Pakistan: Rivalry between two elderly people It is said that school uniform gives pupils a sense of identity and encourages good discipline Write about an occasion when a furious argument took place, based on a case of mistaken identity Should both parents go out to work when their children are very young?

Sir Syed felt that the poor status of the Muslims was due to the way they were treated as second-class citizens by the British and the Hindus, but that they also had to take some of the responsibility themselves. Different mediums are operational in both, public and private sector.

The agreement paved the way for the return of interned Bengali officials and their families stranded in Pakistan, as well as the establishing of diplomatic relations between Dhaka and Islamabad.

Syed Ahmad Khan

Most of the criticisms leveled against the education procedures and practices may be rationalized through improving governance and accountability. Write about some of the sounds you like the best and why? At first he believed in Hindu-Muslim unity but later resolved to the two-nation theory.

Since we have given blood, we will give more blood.

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Mujib's ambitious social programs performed poorly, owing to scarcity of resources, funds, and personnel, and caused unrest amongst the masses. Sir Syed commented that only when equal educational opportunities were provided could such an idea work.

In FATA, the literacy rate is deplorable constituting The Society held annual conferences, disbursed funds for educational causes and regularly published a journal on scientific subjects in English and Urdu.NTS was conduct the recruitment test for all qualifying candidates who will apply for the Intelligence Bureau Pakistan Jobs These screening test was held.

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Funds collected outside Pune mosques help rebuild 74 Dalit homes in Pune In a heart-warming story of Dalit-Muslim unity from Maharashtra, an NGO managed to rebuild homes of 74 Dalit families who lost their homes to a fire with the help of generous contributions from the Muslim community in.

the essay on “ the policy adopted by the sir syed ahmad khan for upliftment of indian muslim after revolt of during british raj .”introductio.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan CSI wrote a pamphlet "essay on the causes of Indian Revolt" and pointed out the reasons for the outbreak of This pamphlet was circulated for free amongst the British officials. wrote Tabyin-ul-kalam to point out similarities between Islam and Christianity.

Founded in at Lahore, the university of Punjab is the biggest and the most ancient seat of higher studying in was the 1st to be organized in the sub-continent in Muslim greater part area. The fact that 2 Nobel laureates are from this Punjab University Lahore admissions talks volumes for its academic and research brilliance.

An essay on sir syed ahmed khan
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