Case study on consumer behaviour colgate

Customers want a brand that serves the purpose they need it to.

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It chooses the targeted consumer segments and addresses the desires of this consumer section by using appropriate marketing signals.

Mall intercepts are a convenient way to reach consumers, but respondents may be reluctant to discuss anything sensitive face-to-face with an interviewer. In general, for surveys to yield meaningful responses, sample sizes of over are usually required because precision is essential.

Public Policy Issues There are certain marketing practices which may harm consumers. A company hence needs to adopt a market based approach its marketing strategies irrespective of the location of the business as consumer needs vary and always change.

For each of these two products, two print ads of a fictional brand was designed, one endorsed by a celebrity and the other by an expert, were shown to two sets of 30 respondents each.

Behavior occurs either for the individual, or in the context of a group e. Consumers often do not behave consistently with their attitudes for several reasons: This alteration triggers a need for differentiation in order to beat your competition by offering products that not only fulfil basic needs but also add value to the lifestyle customers desire to be an integral part of.

Despite its disdain for the product, competitive pressure forced Gillette to introduce its own disposable, Good News. However, its rituals like these that have helped the Gurgaon headquartered GSK, the maker of Horlicks and antacid brand Eno, gain a foothold in the Indian toothpaste market.

Culture, as a "complex whole," is a system of interdependent components. There are three "levels" of segmentation. This method, then, lends itself extremely well to strong product positioning—one make a product that offers specific benefits, and we aggressively promote this fact to interested consumers.

Consumers often note problems by comparing their current, or actual, situation, explicitly or implicitly, to some desired situation. Around the very core of the product there are always a more or less equally valued traits. Consumers are less likely to resist the addition of beliefs so long as they do not conflict with existing beliefs.

The extent to which the culture is receptive to new things. In addition, some beliefs may be neutral. Maybe the field forces are not visiting the dentist frequently, or there are not enough samples at the clinic. One way to create new problems, and resultant needs, is to create a new ideal state.

Case Study on Consumer Behavior: Gillette

It is a way to obtain value to both consumers well as the companies. This problem arises from a changing environment as the cultures in china and Mexico are different from those of the United States implying that the marketing strategy used in the United States can not be employed in the other countries as consumer needs also differ.

The Hard Core Behavioral perspective is based on learning theories such as operant and classical conditioning. Since many environmental problems result from product disposal e. For example, although the government requires the use of warning labels on some products, manufacturers will often try to "water down" the warnings as much as possible.

As with affect, this is sometimes a logical consequence of beliefs or affectbut may sometimes reflect other circumstances.

Gillete Consumer Behaviour Essay

Does the answer snooze in getting cleaner, shinier locks or to obtain a confirmation that folks by using the products will feel beautiful and even easily fit into the picture organisations create? This has given it an advantage over it main competitors who are not as well established globally.

This strategy effectively stimulates a feeling of acknowledgement and approval the consumer may have towards the initial brand line.

Creating problems for consumers is a way to increase sales, albeit a questionably ethical one. Cultural rules can be categorized into three types. Drawbacks of focus groups include high costs and the fact that generalization toward the entire population is difficult for such small sample sizes.

A generic goal to cleaner wild hair would be shampoo; something specific goal would subsequently be shampoo from one of the various brands on the market. This is helpful packing as L'Oreal seeks to educate the buyer about how the hair can look after colouring using that one colour.

Secondary research uses research that has already been done by someone else. This could cost it its competitive advantage and growth if not well managed. Looking at how consumers select products may yield insights into how they make decisions and what they look for.

Language is an important element of culture.Technology is continuing to drive dramatic changes in consumer behaviour and buying patterns. UHY member firms work with clients across the retail, consumer products and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector to deal with the challenges and to embrace new ways of doing business.

- An empirical study on consumer behavior towards Cadbury’s India Ltd and Nestle India Ltd. (A case study of male and female of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar of Odisha). drastic cnage in rural consumer behaviour and hard core competition, all the Major FMCG companies give more emphasise on promotional tools at rural level to attracte rural consumers.

Garga, Ghuman, and Dogra () done the one study among the rural consumers in 3 districts of panjab. Based on consumer behaviour, the market can be divided into ‘Maintenance shavers’ and ‘Involved shavers (Social/emotional, aesthetic)’.

This product is planned to be launched in the male specific personal care products market before it can be positioned for the women’s beauty market.

Case Study on Consumer Behavior: Gillette

introduction to consumer buying behaviour The s have borne witness to dramatic shifts in the marketplace triggered by sharp changes in the lifestyle patterns of the past and present and the radical revolution in the telecommunication technology.

Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Behaviour Posted in Marketing & Strategy Articles, Total Reads: Motivation for the study. A case in point is that of Colgate which has driven sales through certifications from the Indian Dental Association.

Case study on consumer behaviour colgate
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