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You all right there, Captain? I may know that You, blessed Jesus Almighty, are with me. The team was nominated in its entirety for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fameand was inducted on September 7,ten years after coach Don Haskins had already been enshrined.

Ot course they deserted. I just wanted to put my five best guys on the court. You men are relieved! Shaw accepts a promotion to colonel commanding the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantryone of the first all-black regiments in the Union Army.

Darling, there's someone who wishes to meet you. Beg to report, Colonel, sir. I don't want to stand in their way because of my own weakness. It wouldn't be nothin' but Rebs dying, if they let the th in it.

They are offered, but turn down, a chance to take an honorable discharge. I'm trom around Tennessee.

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The lrish are not noted for their fondness tor the coloreds. You men get back to work. The night before the battle, the black soldiers conduct a religious service.

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You go on, honey. It stinks, I suppose. You can learn his songs. He wants to fight I hear they're deserting ten at a time. You recruits will report to your respective officers I didn't win though. I have some letters here.

If you don't believe in what we're doing here I'm waiting on you. See-- I ain't fightin' this war for you, sir. Who do you think you are, acting the high-up colonel?

Marching is probably all they'll ever get to do, Robert. That kind ot item has to be reserved During the battle, Searles is wounded but saves Tripp. Formed and ready, sir. Still, none of the soldiers quit the regiment when given the chance. Development[ edit ] Glory Road was inspired by a true story, as described by Texas Western's head coach Don Haskins in his autobiography of the same title, a national bestseller released in by Hyperion Books.

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See, I am from Kentucky originally.Voila! Finally, the Glory script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman movie. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Glory.

I know, Glory movie know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line.

"Gloryhole" - videos. Gloryhole, Gloryhole Swallow, Gloryhole Creampie, Glory Hole, Gloryhole Wife, Gloryhole Compilation and much more. However, any criticsm aside, the movie Glory itself is worthwhile watching.

We could have it given 4 and a half stars but the bravery involved in spite of great odds is we think is worth 5 stars. Read more. Glory Road is a American sports drama film directed by James Gartner, based on a true story surrounding the events leading to the NCAA University Division Basketball Championship (the historic name for what is now known as the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament).

Don Haskins portrayed by Josh Lucas, head coach of Texas Western College, coached a team with an all-black. Brimstone & Glory: Ritual, danger and the absolute beauty of fireworks — the National Pyrotechnic Festival in Tultepec, Mexico. Product Description. The heart-stopping story of the first black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil War, Glory stars Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes and Morgan Freeman.

Broderick and Elwes are the idealistic young Bostonians who lead the regiment; Freeman is the inspirational sergeant who unites the troops; and Denzel Washington, in an Oscar(r) - winning performance.

Glory movie
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