Grant thornton international business report ibr 2011 nba

One in three business owners said political uncertainty was affecting future business decisions, with many delaying investment decisions and working to improve their BEE status.

As businesses consider whether to invest in staff or machines, for many, the latter is becoming the more cost-effective option.

Grant Thornton: Malaysian business confidence improves

For further information please contact: You would look for light. But fifty years on from PCs going into mass production, costs of capital are low while labour costs increase. Hern said possible solutions could include finding more creative ways to accommodate women in the workplace.

These countries offer dynamic businesses the right mix of regulatory stability, a strong labour market, technological infrastructure, growth opportunities and access to finance.

In29 percent of senior management positions were held by women. The findings come from the latest Grant Thornton International Business Report IBRa quarterly survey of 2, business leaders in 37 economies worldwide.

The more companies delay their response, the more the threat grows. Locally, the sample tends to cover the industries mentioned previously, with some countries being able to have local valid data for specific sectors or regions when the sample size is large enough.

SA women 28% of management positions

KwaZulu-Natal lagged with 25 percent of women in senior management. And that makes it easy for the bad guys. Organizations need to take action now.

No sector or profession is immune. To raise awareness, it arranged for a number of memory sticks to be dropped around Dublin. Optimism for business prospects in South Africa for the next year improved from the last quarter, when it hit its lowest level, at 18 percent, to 40 percent for the fourth quarter of last year.

Facilities like this are increasingly important because the stakes are so high. Future of Europe 25 May The Eurozone has been a weak pillar of the global economy for many years.

Grant Thornton

With 28 percent of senior management positions held by women inSouth Africa does better than the global average, a survey has found. That trend will continue and it means the shape and size of workforces of the future will look radically different to those of today.

Cyber-security — the crime is not being prepared Posted by:The survey of 2, businesses in 34 economies for its International Business Report (IBR) found that an increasing number of companies report on sustainability while a majority now view integrated reporting as best practice.

Experience. Dominic is an economist who has been running research and thought leadership projects for more than eight years. He joined Grant Thornton International Ltd in from an economic consultancy where he worked on a range of UK public sector economic development assignments.

Top 10 countries being strangled by red tape

The Grant Thornton International Business report (IBR) survey indicated that only 16% of New Zealand businesses reported on their CSR and sustainability initiatives against a global average of 31%. Aug 11,  · According to the latest Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) survey, Indian businesses are the most optimistic about economic recovery in.

And the momentum keeps going strong with the recent study published last week by Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR), ranking the country at the 3rd spot as the most optimistic in the economy.

16% of NZ businesses issue CSR and sustainability reports

The Philippines recorded 87% of foreign and local investors expressing their confidence about business prospects for in the country.

Johannesburg - Research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) reveals that South African women currently hold 27% of senior management positions, beating the global average of 20%. The survey also shows the percentage of private businesses in .

Grant thornton international business report ibr 2011 nba
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