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Allegory, of course, utilizes metaphor to enhance the meaning of the work. Haroun And The Sea Of Stories Essay - Haroun and the Sea of Stories I thought the book “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” was well written and a fun book to read. This is a story about friendship, fight for justice and honesty.

Salman Rushdie wrote Haroun and The Sea of Stories, during the long period of exile and hiding that followed a contract (fatwah) put out against him by the Ajatollah-Khomeini.

Rather than succeeding in his death, the fatwah served to make him the most famous living author in the world. Written /5(3). Salman Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories is in many ways a simple fairy tale about magical people in a magical land.

Rushdie himself admits that he first came up with the basic idea for the novel while telling stories to his son in the bathtub, and indeed, the simple structure and plot of the. Free Essay: Haroun and the Sea of Stories SALMAN RUSHDIE Novel, Summary. In this story we encounter storytelling as a means of saving your identity.

SYNOPSIS Haroun and the Sea of Stories is on the surface a children’s novel that Rushdie wrote for his 11 year old son. After a more in depth.

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