Synchronized skating

Skaters must be at least 15 years old and have passed the junior moves in the field test. There are approximately synchronized teams registered with U. History Introduction Synchronized skating, a large and fast growing discipline, consists of athletes skating on the ice at one time moving as one flowing unit at high speeds.

How acute is the skater's blade to the ice? If there is an emergency parents will be contacted by the Camp Director immediately. In synchronized skating took one step closer to Olympic contention when it was Synchronized skating to be part of the Universiade or World University Games as a demonstration sport.

All skaters must be 21 years or older, with the exception that up to four skaters may be 18, Synchronized skating or Skaters will also participate in off-ice team building sessions. A team or skaters.

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Synchronized skating uses the same judging system as singles, pairs and dance. Skating teams have already mastered the basics of synchronized skating and execute superior formations with speed, difficulty and accuracy. While most skaters participating in "synchro" are female, the rules allow for mixed gender teams.

As Silver Stars continues to improve and grow, our success is measured in the accomplishments of our team and its skaters. Synchronized skating is a team sport in which skaters perform a program together.

Countries from around the world competed in TorinoItaly with Sweden, Finland, and Russia coming out on top. Synchronized Skating All ISI Synchronized teams need to register their team each season prior to their first competition.

Unison, cleanness and speed are expected. Teams competing at the developmental levels of preliminary, pre-juvenile, open juvenile, open collegiate or open adult may also compete at the Eastern, Midwestern or Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships, held annually at the end of January.

In the case of a negative GOE, a judge must be able to support their evaluation with reference to the published list of reductions. Our skaters love to have fun together! Moves in isolation are when one or more skaters separates from the rest of the group and performs freestyle type moves.

As the skater performs each element, the judges evaluate all phases of the element, possibly weighing both positive and negative aspects of the element in order to determine a final GOE. For more detailed descriptions and information, please refer to the edition of the ISI Handbook.

Congratulations, you earned it, ladies! The typical senior-level athlete has passed a senior or gold test in at least two disciplines. This is a great way for teams to take the next step as they continue to improve the basics of synchronized skating.

The Assistant Technical Specialist ATS whose primary purpose is to take written notes on all of the elements performed and to contribute to any decisions on technical calls during the "review of elements".

The beauty of figure skating meets the camaraderie of a team sport

Things to know before you register for our program: Our skaters also compete in singles, pairs, and dance events in addition to synchro events.

A true team sport that rewards speed, synchronization of movements, precision in keeping time with the music, good edges, and intricate elements - all choreographed with exciting and innovative movements!

The senior level is considered the most elite competition.

Synchronized skating

In the s, although not currently an Olympic Sport, fans and participants of this fast growing discipline have begun to strive for recognition by the rest of the skating and athletic world. On average since there have been teams in our Section from every Island Region:Synchronized skating, originally called precision skating, was established as a sport in the s.

Though it has a long history of dedicated athletes and fans, it’s still struggling to be. Colonial Classic Synchronized Skating Competition. Search Home; Competition.


Schedules; Registration; Information. The 34rd Annual Colonial Classic! JanuaryDCU CENTER. 50 Foster Street, Worcester, MA The Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc.

The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships (WSSC) are the world championships for the sport of synchronized skating. Every year, groups of skaters take the ice to put on a captivating ice dancing routine that could win them the coveted WSSC championship title.

December 14, Synchronized Skating Finds Success On The Podium At Dr. Porter Classic Open Collegiate leads the way with a runner-up finish, followed by. synchronized skating involves complex choreography like this splice where skaters create shapes in lines or circles and change them seamlessly while moving at high speeds.

Here these skaters are passing extremely closely while performing a difficult move which is extremely dangerous. But because they know exactly where their team-mates should. What is Synchronized Skating?

U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships

There are so many benefits to participating in a team sport, and synchronized skating is a great way for skaters to compete while enjoying all of the aspects of working with others in a team-oriented sport.

Synchronized skating
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