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Jesus Christ

The 12 disciples are as fictitious as their master, invented to legitimise the claims of the early churches.

In Jesus name priests, pastors and assorted leaders have dominated and controlled their "flocks," even fleeced them for profit. He rose again so that you might have the chance to be healed and restored back to a way of life that is wholesome and healthy.

I then returned to my Heavenly Spouse in his most bitter agony. Perhaps I can help you with some tips that will help you along on your journey to know God.

He has been pleased to remain on earth with his Church, until we shall all be united together by him within her fold, and he has said: That God would love us that much and that even in our brokenness and our hurt, He comes and he restores.

First, in major Christian denominations and communions, teaching about Jesus i. These pieces were oblong, with holes in their sides, strung together by means of rings in a kind of chain, and bearing certain impressions. If you wish to understand who Jesus is and meet Him, you must worship him.

These impressions do not seem deep, but resemble what would be made upon a thick piece of dough, if a person leaned his hand upon it.

She had sent some messengers to make inquiries concerning him, but her deep anxiety would not suffer her to await their return, and she went with Magdalen and Salome as far as the Valley of Josaphat.

He Who is jesus betrayed by one of his friends, then deserted by all of his closest friends He was brutally executed as a criminal for political and religious reasons, though innocent of wrongdoing.

Some arbours made of leaves and branches had been raised there, and eight of the Apostles remained in them, and were later joined by others of the disciples. This angel was of higher stature than any whom I had before beheld, and his form was also more distinct and more resembling that of a man.

Late Talmudic authorities belonging to the 3rd century C. The archers took a shorter road than that which Jesus followed when he left the supper-room. We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him. Now, however, he beheld all the future sufferings, combats, and wounds of his heavenly Spouse; in one word, he beheld the ingratitude of men.

John asked him how it was that he, who had hitherto always consoled them, could now be so dejected? Well then, from what did he come to save people? When he found that they were asleep, he clasped his hands and fell down on his knees beside them, overcome with sorrow and anxiety, and said: I am not as good as I like to think I am.

Say hello to G-D! Yet Philo says not a word about Jesus or Christianity! Many of these fulfilled prophecies were things he could have no control over, such as the circumstances of his birth.

I saw him then, on the one hand, stimulate the hatred and fury of the enemies of Jesus, and on the other, insinuate to some of their number that Judas was a wicked, despicable character, and that the sentence could not be pronounced before the festival, or a sufficient number of witnesses against Jesus be gathered together.

Jesus (name)

He was anxious that it should be thought they had come there by chance, that so, when they had made their appearance, he might run away like the other disciples and be no more heard of. Come into my life and be my Lord and my God. He had been anxious to obtain the promised reward, and to please the Pharisees by delivering up Jesus into their hands, but he had never calculated on things going so far, or thought that the enemies of his Master would actually bring him to judgment and crucify him; his mind was engrossed with the love of gain alone, and some astute Pharisees and Sadducees, with whom he had established an intercourse, had constantly urged him on to treason by flattering him.

If this is what you truly desire to do in your heart, but you can't seem to find the words to start things rolling, maybe you might want to pray something like this: The Patriarchs of Alexandria wrote much of Catholic theology and it was probably in Alexandria that a profound and detailed Buddhist influence impressed itself upon the faith.

I would, I would like to be that caring. Before I finish, let me address a few possible concerns. What kind of father doesn't want to know his children? The Sanhedrin alone listened to his proposals with some degree of attention. Thus the defenders were captured on the day of Saturn, without making any defence, and all the wealth was plundered.

They vied with each other in tearing the seamless robe of his Church; many ill-treated, insulted, and denied him, and many turned contemptuously away, shaking their heads at him, avoiding his compassionate embrace, and hurrying on to the abyss where they were finally swallowed up.

The Garden of Olives was separated by a road from that; of Gethsemani, and was open, surrounded only by an earthern wall, and smaller than the Garden of Gethsemani.Who is Jesus?

Simple Answers is an interactive eBook developed exclusively for the iPad ®. Created by a team that includes Emmy-winning filmmakers and top Bible scholars, Who is Jesus? is a feast for the eyes, ears and mind. page 1 of 3. Jesus once asked His disciples who others believed Him to be.

Their reply was, "Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.". Jesus Christ did not come to condemn you, Jesus came to save you from your sins. Hear ye the word of the LORD before it is everlasting too late.

Hell is real. THE PASSION. _____ ‘If thou knowest not how to meditate on high and heavenly things, rest on the Passion of Christ, and willingly dwell in his sacred wounds. Who is Jesus? A Jew in the Early First Century CE Sometime around 4 BCE, Jesus was born to a young peasant couple who settled in Galilee, a region on the eastern side of the Roman Empire.

5 At Jesus’ birth, Herod the Great ruled Galilee as a client-king of Rome. This is who Jesus is and why he makes a difference to you and me.

If you want God’s forgiveness for your sins and the power to live a life that’s worth living, pray to Jesus-he will hear you. What is your response to Jesus?

Who is jesus
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